when entrepreneurs succeed, they leave poverty in the dust. 

To iDE, the poor are not beneficiaries but customers, producers, and entrepreneurs. We have seen that poor people value what they pay for. And they take advantage of opportunities to earn an income. They can lift themselves out of poverty with access to better products, business models, markets and financing. By helping small rural businesses really succeed, donors dollars go farther, and the impact we make continues to grow for years to come. We pioneered this approach 32 years ago. Since then, we’ve reached 23 million people with life-changing products and innovative business models.

Our Approach

Design | Deliver | Connect | Finance


We start with people. We use human-centered design to develop products that people want to buy and producers want to sell. 


We connect farmers to markets where they can gain negotiating power with traders, raise their income, and provide food to those who need it.


A great product is just the beginning. In order for it to succeed, we build a supply chain that leads right up to the front door.


We work with commercial and rural banks to develop appropriate and efficient microfinance loans.

You can leave the world better than you found it.

Your investment will begin a chain reaction to help people increase their income, provide health and happiness to their families, and to experience life to its fullest. 

learn how far your gift will go.